Carbs in a horse’s diet

Low carb diets in humans have been a busy industry for a few years now and some people have benefitted from the weight loss. It makes you wonder why someone would feed a working horse a low-carb diet (because they thought it was safe) and then complain about the loss of top line and weight in their horse. The lack of energy is another byproduct of feeding a low-carb diet to a working horse. Carbs are an important part of a working horse’s diet. The harder they work, the easier it is to utilize the carbs. To decide if a low-carb diet is one for your horse, ask yourself this question: Do I like the weight where it is and am I feeding the horse at least the minimum amount required by the bag directions?If you are, then you are on the right track with the feed you are on. If you are feeding two pounds of a feed to a horse that according to the manufacturer you should be feeding 7 pounds, then a low-carb diet is in your future. Low carb diets should be left to low-maintenance, easy keepers or horses with certain metabolic disorders. Consult your feed representative for the most accurate recommendations of a diet that will work for both of you.


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