“Denier” the new catch-phrase in buying a blanket for your horse

“What denier is it?” The most common question now asked of tack shops, online sellers and e-bayers alike. Horse blankets are made of many fabrics but the strongest is nylon. Nylon comes in many different thicknesses, styles and weaves but the word “denier” refers to the threads weight, not strength.

Duh…what did you say?

I know, it’s confusing but to make is a simple as possible, denier can be a misleading purchase point of a blanket. You can make a 600 denier blanket out of a thread as light and wispy as grandma’s sewing machine thread or make it out of ballistic thread. They weigh the same. Which do you suppose will last longer and take more games of blanket-tag?

Manufacturers have now listed deniers on the tags so unknowing consumers will buy a blanket that is 1200 denier over their competition’s 600 denier. The consumer doesn’t know that the 1200 denier thread is spider web and the 600 is Kevlar. Which one will do a better job? The Kevlar of course, but unfortunately it is a common misperception that the higher the denier, the stronger the blanket.

Reality is the cost will probably be the best “tell.” If company A is selling a 1200D turnout sheet for $89 and Company B is selling an 800D for $129, chances are good the 800D will outlive the 1200D. Not always is this the case, as some companies just love to make oodles of money! But most companies I’ve dealt with are competitive with their pricing.

What’s the difference between a 600D and a 600D ripstop? Ripstop is made with cheap thread and they weave a mesh of nylon line into the fabric to help stop a long rip once a horse snags it on something. Again, the question should be what is the 600D made of?

Bottom line is, don’t buy a blanket on the denier number alone. Look for warranties, that’s a good sign the blanket is made for the tough life. Listen to what the MAJORITY of folks have to say about a brand, not one or two friends. See if there are any notations on how it is woven. Single weave, double weave, 2×2, ballistic, etc. That will show a stronger sheet or blanket is being made for you and they are proud to put that information on the tag.

“What is the denier?” Pllttthhh……keep looking!

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Author - mystery novels that include horses Tack shop owner NEHC Large J judge in both divisions Clinician, coach, 4-H leader for 35 years. All around horse nut!
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